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Helping To Make Your NVivo Training and SPSS Data Analysis Stress-Free

Our focus is on responsive solution-based training, supported by personalised, unrivalled, on-going after training support.  Due to COVID-19, all our provision is online. We deliver  tutor-led, 1-1 tuition, and self-paced learning in NVivo qualitative data management and analysis software; Statistics – IBM SPSS, AMOS, and others.

We provide professional consultancy, training, and support to university graduate schools, NHS Deaneries, Research Organisations – government and private. We have almost 30 years of experience providing these services. We are committed to helping you to convert research data – qualitative and quantitative – into information for decision making and for publication.

This is what we do!

Our Clients Include:

  • PhD students 
  • Academics and Research Teams
  • Human Resources
  • NHS Researchers and Doctors
  • Training Companies 
  • Government Research Departments
  • Research Organisations.

Here are some benefits you gain from our NVivo and SPSS Training and Services:

  • Time saving
  • Stress-free
  • Professional service
  • Become efficient and effective
  • Gain knowledge and experience
  • Receive ongoing support
  • Empowered to complete project on time
  • Direct Service – no bureaucracy
  • Personalised and flexible training
  • Excellent service
  • Online delivery due to the Covid-19
  • Hands-on-delivery
  • Affordable
  • Student discount
  • Reliable service

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