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“Ask the Expert” – NVivo Q&A

Q: How do you export the transcript to see which parts you have coded what the codes are in a clear and simple way?

A: Sorry, currently you can only Print the transcript with the coding stripes but cannot Export them. You may capture the screen as a photo. I know this is not great, especially if the transcript runs over pages!  

Q: Is there any way of running a Compound Query on Mac NVIVO 12? If not, how can I combine a Text Search and Coding query?

A: Compound Query is not currently available in NVivo 12 for Mac. You can run a Coding Query, save the results as a Node and then run Text Search Query in that node.  

Q: I just activated the trial version of NVivo 12 Plus. When I try to import data, it’s asking for a connection name and host. How do I resolve this?

A: Could you please uninstall NVivo (Control Panel > Programs and Features), restart, temporarily disable anti-virus/security software and re-install? You can download NVivo from… If issue persists, please submit a support request  

Q: Is there a tool that scrapes references from journal articles and creates a database from them? Ideally, I could point it at 100 journal articles and it tells me how many times each author is referenced. May be in things like Mendley or Nvivo, but not sure?

A: Yes, NVivo can do that. Create a literature review project in NVivo. Import the 100 or more journal articles into NVivo project. At the import, make sure you select Author and Year of Publication to allow for prolific authors to be gathered and also to avoid the same title with different authors. You can use a text search, or simply a word frequency search to quickly gather the references into notes for you to conveniently explore content and context.  

Q: Any thoughts or advice about using NVIVO when some members of your team are using Macs and some are using PCs? trying to think of a solution that is minimally inconvenient to my RAs, who are students.

A: To merge multiple coders project into a master project, all coders must be on the same operating system, i.e. all on Mac or all on Windows. 

Q: How do people do code verification with other project researchers using NVivo? Want to X ref codes on transcript for rigour. Stripes not enough.

A: If Coding Stripes are not enough, then you need to run a coding comparison and that the two coded transcripts must be done in NVivo.  If coding is done in separate projects then firstly merge the projects into one. Afterwards, run coding comparison on two coders. This is a start. 

Q: I’ve transcribed a video in NVivo. I want to code certain words rather than entire line of transcript, is that possible?

A: Yes, its simple, do a text search on the transcripts. 

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