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NVivo Bite Size Learning

Hello, welcome to our NVivo bite size learning. We shall post fortnightly so keep an eye on this page.

Exploring Nvivo 12 Pro for Windows Through a Sample Project

1. Start NVivo 12

Do this:

  1. Click on the NVivo 12 icon on your computer’s desktop. If the short-cut icon cannot be found on your desktop, then click on the Windows Start Menu . Type in NV into the search box and press the Enter key. This will display all versions of NVivo available from your computer.
  2. Click to launch the version 12.
  3. Double click on the Sample Project button on the right-hand side to open it.

Note: When you install NVivo 12, a sample project is installed. We shall use the sample project to explore how NVivo 12 Pro for Windows works.

About the Sample Project

The sample project explores the perceptions of development, environmental change and land-use change on 13 coastal communities in the Down East area of Carteret County, North Carolina, USA. In recent years, the Down East area has attracted tourism, migration to the coast by retirees and second homeowners. As a result, associated development is having profound impact on the character, economy, culture and environment of Down East. The goal of the project is to help communities, developers and planners envision long-term strategies for sustainable land use and development.

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