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The Leading Qualitative Software Tool Used by Qualitative Researchers

What is NVivo?

NVivo is the leading qualitative software tool used by qualitative researchers to organise, categorise, store and retrieve, explore, visualise, and analyse non-numeric data.

Key Benefits of Using NVivo:

  • Time saving.
  • NVivo has powerful search functions that allow you to see through large amount of data.
  • It makes it easy to work with large and varied data types in one project.
  • It allows you to ask complex questions of your data to uncover patterns in your data.
  • You can keep a research journal to keep the audit trail of your project journey.
  • NVivo allows you to work with data from any methodological stance.
  • NVivo’s NCapture tool allows you to capture social media and website content instantly into NVivo to explore and analyse.
  • When survey data are imported into NVivo, open-ended questions are automatically converted into themes and sub-group responses can also be generated into cross-tab matrices for comparative study.
  • It allows you to easily share findings and outputs with supervisors, students and conference delegates.
  • NVivo’s framework matrix component is a superb tool for doing systematic literature reviews. It can easily source data from reference management software such as EndNote, RefWorks, Zetero, and Mendeley.
  • You can even transcribe your interviews, photos and videos in NVivo.

Why Train With Us?

We deliver a bespoke approach to NVivo training; working with your data to deliver a service tailored to your research needs. We provide an interactive and engaging course with an experienced and personable trainer who will work with you step-by-step to empower you to complete your project.

We provide classroom teaching for graduate schools; research teams; one-to-one tailored tuition; and we also deliver public training in a number of cities across the UK. We offer ongoing support via telephone, Webinar and Email. Each course participants received a free instructional workbook to keep.

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