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NVivo 1-1 Tailored Training
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1 To 1 Tailored Training

We provide tailored training to suit your specific needs at a date and time convenient to you. If you prefer a face-to-face training, the training will take place at our office in Rufford, Lancashire, L40 1TE, North-West of England.

If you prefer a remote session over the internet, it will be delivered via GoToMeeting screen sharing software in a secure and private online meeting room. You will need an internet connection with headphones or a telephone. You will also need a working copy of NVivo software installed on your computer for the training. We offer 20 minutes FREE taster session for you to experience the remote session  environment before you make a decision.

Both face-to-face and remote training are charged at an hourly rate of £49+VAT for Students and £65+VAT for non-students. We recommend, you buy a 4-hours plan that will take you from the beginning to your write-up.

Training Workbook

You will receive a comprehensive workbook at the face-to-face session. For remote training, you will receive a PDF version of the workbook by email, in advance of the meeting.

After Training Support

You will receive ongoing after training support via phone, email and a weekly live questions and answers Webinar.

Cancellation Terms

We required at least 2-working days notice for confirmed meeting date and time to be changed. A cancellation notice should be given at least 3 working days otherwise a part payment is required.

A typical structure of 1-1 tailored programme is as follows BUT note, the training will be tailored to your needs:

  • Create your  project from scratch, if you have not already created it.
  • Create folders to store your transcripts and other data sources.
  • Import your data sources into NVivo.
  • If applicable, you will be shown how to format your focus group data in readiness for importing.
  • Setup the demographic attributes for your 1-1 transcripts, focus groups, survey datasheets.
  • You will learn how to make notes: create project journal; add annotations, memos, See also links, and  hyperlinks.
  • Develop your thematic coding framework to code your data into.
  • Code your transcripts and other data sources into both open codes and thematic coding framework.
  • Tidy up your coding:  re-house your open codes into the thematic coding framework; merge some nodes to generate a simpler coding system for analysis.
  • Set up queries to explore and to answer your research questions.
  • Use visual tools to create presentation views of your current understanding as well as to explore relationships in your data.
  • Explore your data using Maps, Charts, Diagrams, and Social Network Analysis.
  • Export your reference summaries or query outputs into Microsoft Word to begin your writing up.
  • Learn how to generate framework matrices if required, to systematically review your literature.

Booking Request

Please request for 1-to-1 training by clicking  on the button below.

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