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NVivo Diagnostics Clinic

Project Diagnosis Clinic

The research journey is long and can  be lonely, added to it is the technological difficulties. Help can be very difficult to find.  Here at Elizabeth Training, we can help you via screen sharing to diagnose your problem.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • It is difficult for me to explain via the phone or email what is wrong with my project! I can’t analyse it.
  • I need someone to look at my coding system and suggest improvement to move me on to generate some reports.
  • I have generated a matrix coding, but there is no intersecting references. I need someone to look at my project and tell me what is wrong and how to resolve it.
  • How do I classify my transcripts, so I can do comparative analysis of my coding?

Contact Elizabeth for 15 minutes FREE screen sharing diagnosis help.

After the diagnosis, you can request 1-1 tailored training to help resolve your problems.

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