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Team Project Training

This course is designed for teams. A team could consist of a number of researchers and coders from different geographical locations, working on the same project.  This is course will teach you how to set up a successful, smooth running team project. Please see course details below for the course outline.


No previous knowledge of NVivo is required. Please see course details below for the course reminders.

Teaching Methods

The teaching method is mainly hands-on. It is supported by presentation, demonstration, encourage reflection, discussions, questions and answers.

The tutor will go around to examine each participant or team’s project on their coding, node structure, and classification to provide suggestions, corrections and efficiency tips. This will ensure that the coding and node structure will support the required in-depth data analysis.

Training Workbook

Each team member will receive an instructional workbook to work through and an additional documentation on ‘how to manage a team project’.

Certificate of Completion & After Training Support

Each team member will receive a certificate of completion and ongoing after training support via phone, email and a weekly live questions and answers Webinar.

Booking Request

Please down load the  clientsitebookingrequest for this service.

Course Outline

Team projects are tailored to fit the team’s needs hence the course outline will be agreed on ahead of the course to create the programme. Below is a suggested outline: 

Session One

  1. The tutor will facilitate the creation of the team project based on the project design framework.
  2. Create data storage folders according to the project needs.
  3. Import the data sources into appropriate folders.
  4. Create the thematic coding framework from the project design
  5. Create team memos for field notes, reflective notes
  6. Code the data into both ‘open codes’ and the established thematic coding framework.

Session Two

  1. Create cases of the sources and classify them by their demographic attributes and values.
  2. Use a number of queries – coding, matrix and group queries to ask questions and gather coded references to answer them.
  3. Visualise the data using maps, charts, and diagrams to explore, develop ideas, identify patterns, find solutions, and present work graphically
  4. Generate a codebook for the team.
  5. Merge the group projects and examine how to manage the results of the merged or communal project.
  6. Discuss the team project administration to ensure smooth merging of the on-going projects to completion.

Course Reminders

Usually the team project takes place at Client Site in an IT lab but occasionally it may take place in a classroom.

If the later, then please BRING YOUR OWN Laptop with NVivo installed and tested for working.

If you do not have NVivo installed on your laptop, you can download a 14-days FREE trial copy from this link.

Practice interview data files are provided for those who have not collected data as yet. Download it here.

Bring any interview transcripts you may have to work to work on.

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