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IBM SPSS Software Training

Tailored & Dedicated Statistics Training for Health & Medical Professionals

SPSS Client Site Training

Client Site Training

We deliver Client Site IBM SPSS Statistics Training for your University or Organisation, as part of your Graduate School Training, Staff Development Training, or Research Project Team Training. We would design a bespoke training for you if required.

We welcome an opportunity to explore how we can contribute to your Graduate School Training Programme. Please contact us to explore this.


NVivo Training Option 1 SPSS Beginner and Data Manipulation Techniques – Course Outline

This one-day course will help the complete beginner to acquire the skill necessary to create SPSS files from paper-based questionnaire responses; import Excel datasheet into SPSS for analysis; and correctly generate descriptive statistics and graphical summaries. Participants will learn to use a number of data manipulation techniques including recode, count occurrence, select cases base on a criteria, split files, compute, and multiple response data summary statistics.

NVivo Training Option 2 Inference Statistics with SPSS – Course Outline

This 2-day comprehensive course will help participants to develop the skill and confidence to select the correct statistics to analyse their data and to draw informed conclusions; to understand when and how to use Chi-squared(compare groups frequencies), Ttest(compare means of two groups), ANOVA -Analysis of Variance (compare means of multiple groups), Correlation and Regression.

This course combines the Beginners, Common Statistics and Correlation and Regression. See the course outline. 

NVivo Training Option 3 Correlation and Regression – Course Outline

This 1-day course will provide participants with a thorough and practical understanding of Correlation, Simple Linear, Multiple Regression and Logistic Regression. They will be guided to generate Pearson’s correlation coefficient, Spearman’s rho, and Kendall’s tau-b, and explain the results. They will gain knowledge and competence to enable you to screen your data for linear relationship before following it with regression analysis. Health, medical, and social scenarios are used to enhance understanding of the concepts of correction and regression. See the course outline. 

NVivo Training Option 4 Factor Analysis using SPSS – Course Outline

This 1-day course will give participants a clear understanding of Factor Analysis as an exploratory and confirmatory data analysis technique. Participants will learn when to use Factor Analysis and how to interpret the output in the context of their research. See the course outline.

NVivo Training Option 5 Structural Equational Modelling – Course Outline

This 1-day introductory course will explain the principles of AMOS (Analysis of a MOment Structures) and how it is used to perform Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The session will focus on how to use AMOS graphical software to generate path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis and full structural models.  See the course outline. 

NVivo Training Option 6 Survival Analysis – Course Outline

This 1-day course focuses on the fundamental concepts of survival analysis of medical research data. A common feature of survival data is its censored data which makes standard statistical techniques inadequate to use to analyse such data. This course gives participants a practical use of Life Tables, Kaplan-Meier and Cox Regression models and shows how to interpret the statistical outputs. Participants will learn techniques for analysing survival time between groups, and examine effect of prognostic factors on survival time. See the course outline. 

NVivo Training Option 6 ANOVAs – Course Outline

This 2-day course will provide participants with the understanding of ANOVA Designs; consisting of 1-Way Independent ANOVA, Factorial ANOVA, Repeated Measures ANOVA and Mixed Designs ANOVA. They will be guided on how to generate the correct statistics for each ANOVA design from the SPSS menus and sometimes the Syntax. Participants will gain knowledge and competence to enable they to format their data to use ANOVA Designs and related statistics correctly and also to interpret and report the results. See the course outline.

NVivo Training Option 6 Medical Statistics Basic Concepts – Course Outline

This course focuses on the fundamental concepts of statistics used in health and medical research publications. Health and medical examples are used to explain statistical concepts to enable participants to firstly understand the concepts and secondly, to learn to use them in their own research. This is a great course for those preparing students for statistical exams. See the course outline.

Training Workbook & Certificate of Completion

Each participant receives an instructional workbook, a certificate of completion, after training support via phone, email and weekly live questions and answers Webinar. Please see the side-menu.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific needs.


The daily rate for academics is £887.58 VAT FREE and half-day rate is £443.79 VAT FREE

Hourly rate for class teaching is £146.71 VAT FREE


The daily rate for non– academics is £976.34. VAT FREE and half-day rate is £488.17 VAT FREE

Class Size

The maximum class size is 25.

Start, Finish & Break Times in GMT

One-day Course

9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Morning Break: 11 am – 11:10 am

Lunch Break: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Afternoon Break: 3 pm – 3:10 pm

Half-day Course

9:30 am – 12:30 pm OR 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Break Times: 11 am – 11:10 am OR 3 pm – 3:10 pm respectively

IT Facilities

  1. All participants must join the online class with a working copy of SPSS software installed on their laptop or computer.
  2. We prefer to use our own online screen sharing software – GoToMeeting. However, we will consider the client own version such as  Microsoft Teams and  Zoom,


  1. Delegates’ emails are not required prior or on the day of training.
  2. A register of participants on the day will be taken for your administration purposes.
  3. A full recording of the training will be emailed to be forwarded to your delegates.

Terms and Conditions

  • We require a Purchase Order Number to confirm booking, alternatively we accept credit Card payments. 
  • Cancellations of a confirmed booking 3 working days to course due date may require rescheduling, otherwise 50% of the training fee may be charged.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of course due date will be charged the full amount.

If you have further queries, please contact us at

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