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Factor Analysis Using SPSS
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Factor Analysis Using SPSS

This course is aimed at all who want to have a clear understanding of Factor Analysis as an exploratory and confirmatory data analysis technique. You will learn when to use it; how to use it; and how to interpret the output in the context of their research.

Target audience

  • Post Graduate Researcher undertaking PhD study or Masters.
  • Early Career Research new to research, on their first teaching & research post or an independent researcher.
  • Mid-Career Researcher building reputation and esteem to help establish influence and leadership.
  • Expert Researcher or Research Leader, influencing strategy and mentoring researchers of the future.


It is a beginner course, so no knowledge of SPSS is required. Please see course details below for the course reminders.

Teaching Methods

The teaching method is mainly hands-on. It is supported by presentation, demonstration, encourage reflection, discussions, questions and answers. The tutor will go around to examine each participant’s project to provide suggestions, corrections and efficiency tips.

Training Workbook

Each participant receives an instructional workbook to work through and keep.

Certificate of Completion & After Training Support

Each participant receives a certificate of completion and ongoing after training support via phone, email and a weekly live questions and answers Webinar, Friday mornings 11-12 noon GMT.

Course Outline

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical principles of Factor Analysis.
  • Distinguish between Exploratory(using SPSS) and Confirmatory Factor Analysis(using AMOS graphics) and when and how to use both.
  • Examine two popular methods of identifying components – Principal Component Analysis and Maximum likelihood used in Exploratory Factor Analysis.
  • How to select significant items in components and name them.
  • How to save factor scores to be used in further analysis such as cluster, segmentation analysis, logistic regression, and discriminant analysis.

Course Reminders

  • Please bring your laptop with IBM SPSS software installed and tested for working correctly.  If you need to download a free trial version, here is a link to download.
  • Practice files come pre-loaded with a working copy of SPSS software.

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