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NVivo for the Macs Training

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for the training I attended yesterday at NTU. It was clear, easy to follow and fun. Your bright and cheery personality made the session a pleasure to be in.

Elsa Ball, Post Graduate Researcher | Nottingham Trent University

Elizabeth, many thanks for your instructive and helpful NVivo training, what brought the training alive were the stories and examples along the way. It was also engaging and fun so that made the learning all the more easier, best wishes Nat.

“The 2Day Complete N-Vivo Training course delivered by Elizabeth has helped me immensely, not only in using the different tools included in the software, but in understanding further the data analysis process which I am about to undertake for my PhD. I am now already confidently starting to put into practice everything I learnt. The video recordings provided at the end of the course together with a comprehensive booklet are a useful reference that will remain at my side for the duration of my project. Thank you again!” Ellie.


Excellent trainer – knowledgeable and positive

Thank you for sending the video. The course went beyond my expectations as I did not anticipate that I will be able to set up my own project so quickly. You are an excellent trainer – knowledgeable and positive about one’s learning capacities.

Great feedback from attendees

We’ve had great feedback from attendees, and I also really enjoyed it. So useful for me as I have never properly sat down and worked out what I can do with Nvivo.

Very insightful and clear

I wanted to thank you for the NVivo training today – it was very insightful, clear, and I really appreciate the energy you put into it. Teaching online is never easy but you made it seem like it is!

An extremely useful 2 days – thank you. Worked examples really helped and it was good to have the chance for at elbow support for our own projects. I am looking forward to working on this now.

  • Excellent background to the main functioning of the software to get started with using it.
  • Good demonstration of additional functionalities.
  • Glad we had a booklet that we can refer to for that purpose. Thank you!

Have really enjoyed these two days of NVivo training with Elizabeth. As a complete novice I was worried as an used to the ‘old fashioned’ ways of data analysis i.e. post it notes, highlighters, etc. I have been completely converted and with Elizabeth’s gentle teaching style with ‘at elbow’ support – at has been amazing! Thank you!!

Hi Elizabeth, you are like my GP. I like your clinical problem solving teaching method. I enjoyed today’s session the most. My whole day will remain happy…Thank you.

Valuable & Informative

The training was excellent and directed perfectly for the cohort. Elizabeth provided an excellent pace and method of delivery and I would recommend this training and ask to be reminded of future course dates. A very valuable and informative session, thankyou!

Excellent 2 Day Course

Thank you very much for an excellent 2 days course. You’ve taught me more in 2 days than I’ve managed in the last decade I reckon.

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