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1-1 NVivo Tailored Training

Thank you for providing me with the SPSS training last week, and thank you for giving me the one to one training. I really appreciate that you took the time with me and I felt like I got so much more from the training than I may have in a group setting. I liked that you provided me with exercises to work on, for our next session, so that we could discuss anything that I found difficult or did not understand. Thank you again for providing me with the one-to-one training in SPSS, and giving me a broader understanding.

Jane Pringle, University of Kent.

I understood how to judge statistical significance from the p-value. 

To add to this simple and useful introduction, I want to know about ANOVA, and sample size required for clinical trials. I understood how to judge statistical significance from the p-value.

PhD student – University of Greenwich – Medway Campus, March 2020.

A stimulating and useful introduction to SPSS Statistics

A stimulating and useful introduction to SPSS. I feel more confident about using SPSS for my research data analysis.

PhD student – University of Greenwich, Medway Campus, March 2020

I learned statistical concepts I did not know before

This session is very informative and beneficial. I learnt various concepts including data type and measurement – categorical and continuous and how to summarise them correctly. Thank you Elizabeth.

PhD student – University of Greenwich, Medway Campus, Mar 2020

SPSS Training Feedback

Thank you for the SPSS training on Thursday (12/03) at Medway Campus. For me it was extremely important and showed me extremely useful software that contribute to better informed management decisions. You managed to present us a complicated study material in an easy for understanding way.

Anita Rahova, University of Greenwich

The Training Was Excellent

The course was hands-on using our own data. The training was excellent. I very much recommend this course to all doctors.

The Course Was Fantastic

I thought the course was fantastic! I thought your teaching style was spot on – you managed to make very complex things sound simple and conveyed it in a very empowering way. You took a lot of the mystique out of Statistics – which many people run in fear of, and gave me confidence that I could do it and handle SPSS on my own. I feel much better equipped to do clinical research now. In fact I am excited about doing different analyses! I think everyone should do this course right at the start of their clinical training. I think it would really help people get their heads around doing it the right way and not producing poor quality work. Thanks Elizabeth.

Suitable for the Novice and the More Practiced Hand

A step-by-step practical guide through SPSS suitable for the novice and the more practiced hand. With a refresher in statistics this is an essential course for any individual embarking in clinical research!

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