What Our Clients Say

Thank you very much for an excellent 2 days course. You've taught me more in 2 days than I've managed in the last decade I reckon.

The course was hands-on using our own data. The training was excellent. I very much recommend this course to all doctors.

The training was excellent and directed perfectly for the cohort. Elizabeth provided an excellent pace and method of delivery and I would recommend this training and ask to be reminded of future course dates. A very valuable and informative session, thankyou!

I thought the course was fantastic! I thought your teaching style was spot on - you managed to make very complex things sound simple and conveyed it in a very empowering way. You took a lot of the mystique out of Statistics - which many people run in fear of, and gave me confidence that I could do it and handle SPSS on my own. I feel much better equipped to do clinical research now. In fact I am excited about doing different analyses! I think everyone should do this course right at the start of their clinical training. I think it would really help people get their heads around doing it the right way and not producing poor quality work. Thanks Elizabeth.

Hi Elizabeth, you are like my GP. I like your clinical problem solving teaching method. I enjoyed today's session the most. My whole day will remain happy...Thank you.

With no background knowledge of NVivo and at the early stages of my PhD, I came to the training with some trepidation about the future direction of my research and concerns about how to manage large quantities of qualitative data. I left feeling excited about the project, motivated, and organised. I have a clear plan for the future of my research and I am confident that I can move through data collection, analysis and reporting with the support of the software. The training was in short excellent and made the whole thing feel so very easy. I am impressed with the software and its capabilities, but Elizabeth also provided advice about how such capabilities could be used effectively within the real life context of academic research. Absolutely invaluable. Thank you!


  • Excellent background to the main functioning of the software to get started with using it.
  • Good demonstration of additional functionalities.
  • Glad we had a booklet that we can refer to for that purpose. Thank you!

Have really enjoyed these two days of NVivo training with Elizabeth. As a complete novice I was worried as an used to the 'old fashioned' ways of data analysis i.e. post it notes, highlighters, etc. I have been completely converted and with Elizabeth's gentle teaching style with 'at elbow' support - at has been amazing! Thank you!!

A step-by-step practical guide through SPSS suitable for the novice and the more practiced hand. With a refresher in statistics this is an essential course for any individual embarking in clinical research!

An extremely useful 2 days - thank you. Worked examples really helped and it was good to have the chance for at elbow support for our own projects. I am looking forward to working on this now.